Is My Pet Depressed? How Can I Help Them?

Is my pet depressed and how can I help them?
Animal brains have the same wiring as a human brain, they feel pain in the same
way we do, they can grieve, and they can feel very low or disinterested with life.
If your pet has a lack of interest in their environment, they are sleeping more, or
they have a decrease in activity then it could be a sign they are depressed.
National Geography magazine reports that although we cannot say when an animal is depressed, we can detect their reactions and difference in their behaviours.

Signs and triggers
There are some animals you might expect to be depressed; for example, those in
poorly kept zoos, abused animals, or animals in ill-health. Some monkeys have
been tested for depression because they share some of our DNA and act similarly
to us when they are under stress. Their mannerisms, gaze and facial expression have been used to detect some mental disorders.
Animals that are kept as pets could show signs of depression if they lose a
companion, feel socially deprived or have worked in a serious role, such as ex-
military dogs, who have shown signs of PTSD in some cases. Animals might do
things such as hiding, over preening, pulling out hair or feathers or scratching
Some vets subscribe antidepressants to dogs to treat behavioural disorders. This is
usually prescribed if an animal has lost an owner, has high anxiety at being left
home-alone or shows any signs of psychiatric disorders.
There are also some other ways you might be able to help your pet.

Food and treats
As with humans, good food makes pets feel a little better. After a hard day at
work, bad news, or a long day, we all want to be comforted by the people and
food we love. Choose premium pet food for your animal from companies such as
Canagan, Orijen and Eden to get your pet the best quality pet food in Leeds.
Healthy pet products and food will make your pet feel better internally which will
help them to feel a little better overall. Positive rewards, treats and premium pet
products from Yorkshire will also act as a reminder that you care for them.

Many stressed humans are told to take regular exercise and meditation sessions.
This is also very useful for animals. If your pet is overtired, then it might be best
to have shorter sessions of activity. Play fun games such as fetch, tug, or nose
work, such as finding treats in the garden. New toys and some fresh air could
really lift your pet’s mood.
Grooming and supplements

To help your pets further you can make sure they have a daily routine, shape their
day around meals, exercise and grooming. Grooming on a night can aid with a good
sleep which should reduce fatigue.
Some owners might also want to use natural remedies such as homoeopathic
products. You could also use products like evening primrose, cod liver oil,
cleansing wipes or any other premium pet product in Leeds to help calm your pet
and revive them to a happier state.
Disorders and mental health issues in pets might be difficult to diagnose and
understand, but you know your pet better than anyone. If you detect any of the
signs mentioned in this article, then you can help them. As you would with a
friend, assist them to a happier outlook and a better way of life.